Speculoos Spice Mix Recipe

This easy homemade Speculoos Spice Mix recipe is the perfect blend of spices with a hint of pepper. 

Speculoos Spice Mix

Move over pumpkin spice, there is a new kid on the block!

[Did your mind just automatically start singing, “You got the right stuff…baaaby”? Welcome, friend!]

This unexpected mix of spices will break through your Fall doldrums and power you into a whole new world of flavor! Obviously I use this spice mix for my homemade Speculoos Cookies, but I have also been sprinkling it in my oatmeal with a little bit of molasses.

Speculoos Spice Mix

Unexpectedly awesome.

Speculoos Spice Mix

Speculoos Spice Mix Gifting and Storing

You can put it in a jar and then give them an antique mold for gifting! And then the gift recipient can put it in *anything* you’d put pumpkin spice mix in! It is just delightful on top of oatmeal, or on top of apples with a little bit of peanut butter…yes. Ooooh, in pumpkin pie! The world is your Speculoos oyster!

Speculoos Spice Mix

What a weird word, right? There are rumors it derives from the Latin word “speculum” which means mirror and could refer to the stamp used to decorate speculaas. “Speculoos” is the Belgian spelling, in comparison to the Dutch “speculaas” and apparently spices were more expensive to import to Beligium so there are less spices in that mixture.

Speculoos Spice Mix
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Speculoos Spice Mix

  • Author: Lindsey


This easy homemade Speculoos Spice Mix recipe is the perfect blend of spices with a hint of pepper.


  • 20 g Ground Cinnamon (2 ¼ T)
  • 6 g Ground Cloves (3 t)
  • 5 g Ground Nutmeg (2 t)
  • 3 g White Pepper, freshly ground (1 teaspoon)
  • 6 g Aniseed, freshly ground (2 teaspoon)
  • 3 g Ground ginger (1 ½ t)
  • 2 g Cardamom, freshly ground (from green pods) (1/2 teaspoon)


Whisk all spices together and voilà, you’re done!

Speculoos Spice Mix

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