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Comforting Winter Dishes

In honor of the New Year (and all our resolutions!) here are my favorite healthy, yet comforting recipes!

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I’m Lindsey. Come celebrate the joy of cooking with me.

I’m a former New York City-based executive pastry chef, now baker, business owner, and photographer behind the Chef Lindsey Farr food blog, featuring hundreds of easy, fun, and delicious recipes that celebrate the joy of home cooking.

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stuffed shells with ground beef in casserole.
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Soft Sugar Cookie Recipe

This is the perfect soft sugar cookie recipe. Made in 1 bowl with only 6 ingredients, it is incredibly easy! The dough is easy to roll, won’t spread when baked and is soft and slightly chewy with a rich vanilla flavor.

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Basic Sourdough Bread Recipe

This Basic Sourdough Bread recipe is simple to make but tastes anything but basic! A detailed tutorial with a video!…