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Bar Cookies

Bar cookies are my go-to for bake sales, kid’s parties and casual gatherings. They travel well and there are so many varieties from brown butter brownies and lemon bars to 7 layer bars!

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The Ultimate Pastry Chef's Guide to Perfect Cookies
Get all professional tips you need whether you want to bake thick, thin, chewy or crunchy cookies!

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes cookies crunchy?

The ratio of sugar to flour and butter makes cookies crunchy. Bake time has the biggest impact on making crunchy verses soft cookies! Even the perfect crunchy cookie recipe will still be soft if under-baked. Old Fashioned Gingersnaps are the perfect example!

How to make chewy Cookies?

There are a lot of factors that go into making chewy cookies. Chewy thin cookies like snickerdoodles can have a higher proportion of sugar and butter that is fully creamed. Thick chewy cookies like these thick chewy chocolate chip cookies need to have under-creamed butter and sugar in a lower proportion to the dry ingredients. The addition of cornstarch can also help create thick chewy cookies as can chilling or freezing the cookie dough prior to baking.

Why are my cookies flat?

Cookies can be flat if there is a lot of sugar in proportion to butter and dry ingredients; if the butter is too soft; if the baking sheet was warm; or the oven temperature is too low. These chewy sugar cookies are a perfect example of a high ratio of sugar making thin, chewy cookies with crunchy edges.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

We have the perfect chocolate chip cookie for you no matter your preference. We have peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, nutella chocolate chip cookies, or mini chocolate chip cookies.

Crunchy Cookies

If you are the type to reach for the crunchy cookie in the cookie platter, these cookies are for you! There are classics like Scottish Shortbread Cookies and old fashioned peanut butter cookies, along side specialty flavors like these ginger orange biscotti and these cardamom crescent cookies!

Christmas Cookies

Don’t miss Chef Lindsey’s hundreds of Christmas Cookie Recipes! There are familiar favorites like linzer cookies and pecan snowball cookies along with exciting new cookies to try this year like butterscotch chews and peppermint brownies!

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