The richest, most chocolate cookies on CLF. These go beyond thick chewy chocolate chip cookies and deep into chocolate dreamland. You can explore hundreds more cookie recipes here.

Nutella cookies in a stack of four with the top two showing the inside chocolate chips.
The Ultimate Pastry Chef's Guide to Perfect Cookies
Get all professional tips you need whether you want to bake thick, thin, chewy or crunchy cookies!

Easy Chocolate Desserts

An unabashed chocoholic and pro pastry chef provides her collection of Easy Chocolate Desserts for Valentine’s Day or any day!

And for the icing on top…

Chocolate Buttercream Frosting Recipe

This Chocolate Buttercream Frosting recipe is silky smooth, use 6 ingredients and is made in 5 minutes. Richly chocolate & perfectly sweet.

Chocolate Pies & Tarts

These chocolate pies & tarts are sure to impress at a dinner party, family gathering or backyard bbq. These bring the chocolate flavor but see all our pies & tart recipes for more.

Warm up with a mug of…

The Best Hot Chocolate

This hot chocolate is incredibly rich, creamy, and silky. It is decadence in a mug in under 10 minutes!

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