Classic Donut Glaze

This Classic Donut Glaze is a thin, sweet glaze that dries to give you a perfect crackle. Use this or any of the variations on cake or yeasted doughnuts! 

Classic Donut Glaze

I have made more than my fair share of donuts since the first time that “I was so happy I fried.

Pretty earlier on in my Pastry Chef tenure, Chef Marc wanted to do a Donut of the Day as a dessert special. I was pretty resistant. Long story short: he won by buying me a small frier for the pastry station. 

Well played, chef. Well played. 

Soon enough I was pouring a considerable portion of my creative energy into these daily donuts. They were a run-away hit. I used it as a personal and professional challenge to develop more creative, more delicious, more airy, and more *extra* donuts. 

Doughnut Peach Donut anyone? (A yeasted donut using fresh doughnut peaches, shaped like a doughnut peach, and glazed with a fresh peach version of this classic glaze.)

Classic Donut Glaze

Speaking of “more extra”, there was also the whole series based on Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavors. 

I have over 150 unique donut recipes in my arsenal now. Yes, it’s a lot. You want a donut that tastes like a gingerbread man? ✅ How about one that tastes like red velvet cake? ✅! Or maybe just the best apple cider donut you’ve ever had in your life because it ACTUALLY tastes like apple cider? ✅ Oh, you wanted that yeasted? I’ve got that too. 

But I only have 10 unique donut glaze base recipes. This Classic Donut Glaze is the base for so many variations! Substitute juices for the milk; add spices; add molasses, maple syrup or honey; or add whatever extracts float your current doughnut boat. 

Classic Donut Glaze

Want to mix it up?

An easy way to mix up one’s donut repertoire? Change up the glaze! Yes, my Chocolate Cake donuts taste PHENOMENAL with the Classic Donut Glaze but what about glazing them in the Coffee Glaze variation below?

Mix and match for a buffet of breakfast choices! 

You cannot go wrong. Plus if it gets too thin, add more confectioner’s sugar. Not flavorful enough, add more jam, spices, or juice. Fry up a batch of Sour Cream Cake Donuts, open your cabinets and get creative! 

And use the leftovers to make Donut Bread Pudding. That’s right. Breakfast for dessert! Life is good.

Classic Donut Glaze
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Classic Donut Glaze

Classic Donut Glaze

  • Author: Lindsey


This Classic Donut Glaze is a thin, sweet glaze that dries to give you a perfect crackle. Use this or any of the variations on cake or yeasted doughnuts! 


  • 113 g Milk, ¾ c + 1 Tablespoon
  • 1 t Kosher Salt
  • 454 g Confectioner’s sugar, 4 cups or 1, 1lb box
  • 1 t Vanilla Extract


  1. Whisk ingredients together
  2. Flavor it however you like
  3. Heat over a bain-marie
  4. Put a layer of plastic wrap on top to keep it from forming a skin while you prep your donuts.
  5. You are ready to glaze!


Additional flavor variations: 

Citric Juice Variations: Substitute orange juice or passionfruit for the milk 1 for 1

Sweet Fruit Variations: For sweeter fruit like peaches substitute juice for the milk plus the juice from half a lemon. 

Coffee Glaze Variation: Add 1 tablespoon espresso powder to the milk before mixing, or just let the glaze sit and the flavors will meld on their own. Add coffee extract or a little cocoa powder to bump up that flavor! 

To flavor with jam: make the recipe as above but hold back about ¼ cup of the milk. Add desired jam (raspberry, concord, etc.), whisk until smooth and then add milk a little at a time until the glaze runs smoothly from the whisk.

Classic Donut Glaze

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