Lemon Whipped Cream

This is no ordinary Lemon Whipped Cream! This whipped cream is tart and flavored with LEMON CURD!

Lemon Whipped Cream

I have a standard issue lemon whipped cream already on CLF. If you have lemons and you are short on time, then you can absolutely make that recipe in a pinch, but if you are in the market for an exceptional variety, then read on. 

I learned very early on what happens when you squeeze a lemon into milk. I had been invited to a real English tea in Hong Kong with my Mom and I wanted to take my tea with cream and lemon. Well, we all know how that turned out for me!

Lemon Whipped Cream

So, how to get a bigger, bolder flavor than zest can provide? You could use lemon extract (And if you do, I suggest Nielson Massey. Theirs is the only one I will use.), but that still doesn’t have the brightness of fresh lemon juice. Enter lemon curd. 

Lemon Whipped Cream

Why use Lemon Curd to flavor Lemon Whipped Cream?

Flavor: Lemon curd captures all the bright, tartness of fresh lemon juice without the acidity! Lemon curd won’t curdle your cream but will give you a fresh lemon taste, especially if you use my favorite lemon curd recipe. I don’t love a super sweet lemon curd so that is perfect here. 

Sweetening: The sweetening is already mixed right into the curd. No need for confectioner’s sugar here! 

Texture: Folding lemon curd into whipped cream gives it an extra silky, rich texture. It is still light and airy but has a nice body to it. 

Stability: Even just folding standard lemon curd into the whipped cream will help it hold up for longer refrigerated, but for extra stability, you can stabilize your lemon curd with a little gelatin. In this recipe I made extra filling for my lemon bars {link}, which already has gelatin in it. It will hold without weeping for a week! 

I used this whipped cream in my Lemon Berry Trifle, but it would also be phenomenal dolloped on a pavlova, sour cream pound cake, angel food cake, sweet potato pie, or as the frosting for any number of cupcakes! 

You could even serve it as the main event with a bowl full of berries or stone-fruit! 

Lemon Whipped Cream
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Lemon Whipped Cream

Lemon Whipped Cream

  • Author: Lindsey
  • Total Time: 10 minutes
  • Yield: 1 quart 1x


This is no ordinary Lemon Whipped Cream! This whipped cream is tart and flavored with LEMON CURD!


  • 1 c Lemon Curd, cooled and chilled
  • 1 c Heavy Whipping Cream, cold


  1. In a large bowl, whip the heavy cream with a whisk until stiff peaks. 
  2. In a separate bowl, loosen the curd by beating it with a rubber spatula. It won’t take much but you want to get it pliable, especially if you are using a stabilized lemon curd. 
  3. Take a spoonful of the whipped cream and place it in the bowl with the curd. Mix together. This is called “sacrificing” in baking because you are sacrificing a bit of the volume in the whipped cream to loosen the curd and get it closer to the consistency of the cream. 
  4. Spoon all the loosened curd into the large bowl with the cream and fold in the curd trying to preserve as much volume as possible.
    Use immediately or store refrigerated for up to one week!

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