Menu Plans

Let a professional plan your meal for you! Here are some ready-made Thanksgiving dinner menus plus the best Thanksgiving pie recipes!

Start with the side dishes…

Everyone knows Thanksgiving is all about the side dishes! It is about variety and complimentary flavors. I like a little something sweet with all that savory! I’m looking at this sweet potato casserole with pecans!

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30 Best Thanksgiving Side Dishes

I’ve collected the 30 Best Thanksgiving Side Dishes and grouped them to make your Thanksgiving dinner planning incredibly easy!

Delicious Condiments

A spoonful of tart cranberry chutney or a shmear of homemade maple butter can turn a good meal into a great meal! Plus they are the easiest part of the meal!

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slice of pecan pie on white plate.
My Top Pie Baking Tips
Everything you need to know about pies from a professional pastry chef!

Thanksgiving Desserts

From pie recipes to unexpected Thanksgiving dessert recipes, Chef Lindsey has you covered! Not only are there easy, professional dessert recipes but you can dive into all her tips, trick and tutorials on this pie crust recipes page.

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