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We’ve gathered 20 Easy Summer Desserts created by a professional pastry chef! You will find flavorful, no fuss recipes that are easy enough to make for a weeknight or casual gathering, but impressive enough for a dinner party! Pick your favorite Summer fruit and we’ve got the perfect easy dessert for you!   

Tips for Transporting Summer Desserts

Transporting desserts can be tricky any time of year, but Summer’s heat adds a new level of difficulty!

  • Plan ahead for temperature. Thinking about temperature is the most obvious but the best way to avoid car icing mishaps, or arriving with a pool of chocolate that used to be a dessert! Answering the following questions can help you make the best dessert choice. How far do you need to travel? Can you freeze your dessert ahead to allow for more travel time? Is the party or event outside or temperature controlled?
  • Pick desserts that have a glaze rather than a soft frosting. All the dessert below are easy, but not all of them are the best travelers. Pick a cake with an icing that sets hard like this easy peach cake or this cherry almond pound cake.
  • Choose a dessert that is served in its travel dish. Think cobblers, crisps and crumbles like this old fashioned peach cobbler or easy apple crisp. Trifles are also a great party dessert for this very reason. They layer in the serving dish and still look striking! This berry trifle has almost 40,000 views on YouTube!
  • Do not underestimate the value of a baking dish with a top. I’m looking at those rectangular baking dishes with removable tops, cake pans that have lids and sometimes even handles! If you have the budget and you love cupcakes, a cupcake transport container will be invaluable to you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What dessert does well in the heat?

The best desserts for the heat are ones that can be served room temperature. Choose a dessert that highlights the bright flavors of fresh fruit like cobblers, crisps, fruit pies or even something surprising like lemon bars served with sliced fruit!

How do I package dessert for the car?

This really depends on the dessert. If you must travel with a layer cake, freeze it and then place it in a bakery box set on the floor on the passenger side. Bars can easily be transported in their baking dish with a top. Bring a knife to slice them upon arrival. Glazed pound cakes or loaf cakes are the best summer travel desserts!

How long can Summer desserts sit out at room temperature?

The time depends on the type of dessert but most desserts are good for at least 4 hours at room temperature unless they are served frozen or they depend upon refrigeration for structure like a French silk pie.

key lime pie sliced on wooden surface.
cherry pie latticed unsliced.
My Top Pie Baking Tips
Everything you need to know about pies from a professional pastry chef!

Easy Summer Cakes

There are so many cake recipes that are fabulous all year round, but these are the 5 easiest cakes for Summer! Some are made in one bowl and some are frozen, but they are all surprising!

one bowl carrot cake sliced on black surface.

This is a moist, flavorful one bowl carrot cake with a cream cheese buttercream frosting! It has the impressive flavor of the best carrot cake but I made it easy enough to pull together in 2 hours.

5 from 47 ratings

One Bowl Carrot Cake

This easy One Bowl Carrot Cake is tender, moist and incredibly flavorful! Layer with my favorite Cream Cheese Buttercream or even the boozy Bourbon Cream Cheese Frosting for an easy and epic cake!
Bake This One Bowl Carrot Cake
banana pudding ice box cake slice on teal plate.

This frozen banana pudding ice box cake has all the flavors you love from banana pudding frozen into an easy, impressive dessert. Serve slices with a little whipped cream and your guests will be amazed!

Banana Pudding Ice Box Cake Creamy Taste
5 from 3 ratings

Banana Pudding Ice Box Cake

This Banana Pudding Ice Box Cake takes all the flavors you love from banana pudding and transforms it into an easy, frozen dessert using instant pudding!
Make This Banana Pudding Ice Box Cake
pavlova with fruit on a wooden cake stand.

This decadent gluten free pavlova cake is a giant pavlova piled high with lemon curd, fresh berries and whipped cream. Use store bought lemon curd for a delicious and even easier dessert.

The best pavlova dessert with lemon curd fresh fruit
5 from 6 ratings

Lemon Berry Pavlova Recipe

This easy recipe for The Best Pavlova Dessert is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It is the perfect balance of tart and sweet! A stunning and delicious dessert!
Make This Lemon Berry Pavlova
sliced peach loaf cake with white icing.

This easy peach cake is moist, tender and packed with fresh peach flavor. It bakes beautifully in a loaf pan or bake in cupcake liners for an even faster treat! I layered it with an easy almond glaze but you could frost it with cream cheese frosting or Swiss meringue buttercream.

Peach Loaf Cake Beautiful Overhead
4.98 from 44 ratings

Peach Loaf Cake

This easy Peach Loaf Cake is moist, tender and bursting with fresh peach flavor! I’ve topped it with an easy almond glaze and dried peaches for a beautiful presentation. The cake is mixed in one bowl for a simple, delicious dessert.
Make This Easy Peach Cake
blackberry buckle in cast iron and on white plate.

This blackberry buckle is an old-fashioned cobbler with a sweet cakey topping. It is the perfect way to highlight fresh, ripe blackberries.

Old Fashioned Blackberry Buckle
5 from 1 ratings

Blackberry Buckle

A Blackberry Buckle is like an old fashioned cobbler! The sweet cakey topping balances the slightly tart blackberries! Topped with a generous serving of vanilla ice cream it rivals the best cobbler out there.
Bake This Blackberry Buckle

Easy Tarts & Pies

7 easy tarts and pies that let Summer’s fruits shine. It was hard to only pick 7 because everyone loves a cinnamon apple pie and this mixed berry pie is a showstopper!

Banana Cream Pie slices on blue china plates.

The is the best Banana Cream Pie recipe of all time. It took me years in a professional kitchen to perfect it. The key is adding flavor to every single component. A sweet buttery crust filled with lighted vanilla bean pastry cream and diced bananas. A mound of whipped cream finishes it off!

Banana Cream Pie cut with fork tine marks
4.99 from 51 ratings

Banana Cream Pie

This Classic Banana Cream Pie has a silky, smooth lightened vanilla pastry cream, tons of ripe bananas, a sweet pastry crust and a generous whipped cream topping! It is layered with flavors and perfect for your next barbecue, dinner party or potluck.
Bake this Banana Cream Pie
key lime pie sliced on teal plate.

Key lime pie is in reality the easiest pie. A press-in baked graham cracker crust filled with a perfectly tart filling mixed in one bowl. Top it with an impressive amount of meringue for an epic dessert.

Perfect Key Lime Pie one of 20 best thanksgiving pie recipes.
5 from 2 ratings

Easy Key Lime Pie

This Easy Key Lime Pie has a creamy, 3 ingredient filling with a graham cracker crust! This easy recipe has no eggs or egg yolks and one secret ingredient that makes it the silkiest, most flavorful key lime pie you’ll ever taste. There are instructions for an optional meringue topping for an impressive dessert!
Bake This Key Lime Pie
Cherry Galette sliced on parchment.

This cherry galette is basically a free-form cherry pie but without the fuss of making a whole pie. In brief, roll out the crust, mound on the filling, fold the edges and bake!

Cherry Galette Almond Buttermilk Crust baked sliced on parchment
5 from 1 ratings

Cherry Galette with an Almond Buttermilk Crust

This Cherry Galette with an Almond Buttermilk Crust has sweet, roasted cherries and the all-butter, buttermilk crust has a wonderful texture and just a hint of almond.
Bake This Cherry Galette
blueberry pie sliced on pink plates wooden background.

This is the best blueberry pie recipe. The filling is thick and sliceable and particularly bursting with blueberry flavor. You can make it with fresh or frozen blueberries, but, either way, don’t skip the vanilla bean ice cream!

A slice of blueberry pie with a golden lattice top and scoop of vanilla ice cream.
5 from 7 ratings

Blueberry Pie

This amazing Blueberry Pie is a thick, sliceable pie. The blueberry filling is flavored with lemon juice, orange zest and a little vanilla extract. The delicious filling is baked inside of a flakey, buttery crust for the best blueberry pie you will ever taste!
Bake The Best Blueberry Pie
Lemon Bars Confectioners Sugar Scattered on Grey Board.

Lemon bars are an easy, bright dessert. By and large, I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t love lemon bars. And these are emphatically the BEST. They are a top seller in our Pastry Shop. They have tender shortbread crust topped with a no-bake lemon curd. Serve with a dusting of powdered sugar or piled with macerated berries or juicy, sliced peaches.

Amazing Lemon Bars details close up
5 from 5 ratings

Lemon Bars

These Amazing Lemon Bars are made with a lot of lemon juice for a perfectly tart treat! A tender, sweet shortbread base and a soft texture sets them above the rest!
Make Perfect Lemon Bars
coconut mango tart on white background unsliced.

This coconut mango tart has a crumbly coconut tart shell filled with a smooth cream cheese filling sliced, ripe mangoes! It is refreshing with a tart filling coupled with a sweet mango topping.

Coconut Mango Tart with sliced mango topping
5 from 1 ratings

Coconut Mango Tart

This Coconut Mango Tart has an easy press-in coconut tart shell, cream cheese filling and is topped with all the fresh mango! Bright, fresh and perfect for summer!
Make This Coconut Mango Tart
Old Fashioned Peach Pie slice.

This Old Fashioned peach pie has an easy shortening crust that is tender and melts in your mouth! So, it lets ripe peaches do all the talking.

Old Fashioned Peach Pie sliced with vintage gold fork.
5 from 43 ratings

Peach Pie

This Old Fashioned Peach Pie is flavorful and perfectly sweet with a flakey, tender shortening crust.
Bake This Fresh Peach Pie

Easy Layered Desserts

Layered desserts are often overlooked but they are incredibly easy, have layers of flavors and are strikingly beautiful! Roll up to your next party with one of these make-ahead, stunners and shortly wait for the accolades to pour in.

Tropical Fruit Trifle decorated with fresh fruit pecans coconut.

This tropical trifle recipe has layers of a dairy-free coconut pastry cream, a rum soaked Bacardi rum cake, and as much pineapple, mango and kiwi as you can fit in your dish!

Tropical Fruit Trifle decorated with fresh fruit pecans coconut.
4.75 from 4 ratings

Tropical Trifle Recipe

This Tropical Trifle recipe is easy, delicious and showstopping! Layers of rum soaked cake, coconut cream, mangoes, kiwi and pineapple!
Make This Tropical Trifle
Lemon Berry Trifle in Large Pedestal Dish.

This lemon berry trifle has layers of sour cream pound cake, lemon curd whipped cream, plain homemade whipped cream and subsequently all the berries you can find! 

Lemon Berry Trifle in Large Pedestal Dish.
4.97 from 56 ratings

Lemon Berry Trifle

This Lemon Berry Trifle is an easy, delicious dessert. Bright and flavorful from the layers of lemon whipped cream, berries and pound cake.
Make This Easy Berry Trifle
banana pudding in small glass dish gold spoon.

Banana pudding is unquestionably a classic for a reason. It is easy, it’s better when prepared ahead of time, and it’s DELICIOUS! This is the recipe I served as an Executive Pastry Chef in Manhattan. It always sold out before the second seating!

Banana Pudding in dish with gold spoon
5 from 2 ratings

Banana Pudding

This banana pudding is even better than Magnolia Bakery’s! Layers of lightened vanilla pudding, ‘Nilla wafers, and perfectly ripe bananas all meld together into one unforgettable dessert!
Make The BEST Banana Pudding
Lemon Curd Whipped Cream being folded in clear bowl on Marble Slate.

This lemon curd whipped cream recipe is markedly one of the most popular posts on CLF! {I know, shocking right? You would think it would be thick, chewy chocolate chip cookies!} It is simply homemade lemon curd folded into whipped cream. Serve it with your favorite sour cream pound cake or simply with an absolute pile of fresh Summer fruit.

Lemon Whipped Cream with lemon curd folding
5 from 51 ratings

Lemon Curd Whipped Cream

This is no ordinary Lemon Whipped Cream! This whipped cream is tart and flavored with LEMON CURD!
Make Lemon Curd Whipped Cream
classic Strawberry Shortcake unsliced wood background.

This easy Classic Strawberry Shortcake recipe is altogether the very definition of an elegant, yet easy, layered dessert. It is simple to make and it can be made as one large shortcake or individual mini shortcakes.

Old Fashioned Strawberry Shortcake unsliced on green plate
5 from 75 ratings

Old Fashioned Strawberry Shortcake with Whipped Cream

This old fashioned Strawberry Shortcake is soft, tender and biscuit-like. The shortcake is double baked with some of the macerated strawberries then piled high with the reserved strawberries, their sauce and lemon whipped cream!
Make Classic Strawberry Shortcake

Easy No Bake desserts

These are the easy no bake desserts you need to be making when the temperature rises so high that even looking at the oven makes you sweat. There is no easier Summer dessert than these no bake, no-fuss recipes!

Strawberry Triumph Pie unsliced whipped cream on teal surface.

This no bake strawberry pie is served in a gingersnap crust for a fun and flavorful twist! It is sweeter, so I always serve it with an unsweetened version of my homemade whipped cream.

Strawberry Triumph Pie Gingersnap Crust
5 from 1 ratings

No Bake Strawberry Pie

This No Bake Strawberry Pie is easy to pull together and is sinfully sweet. It requires no gelatin! A decadent Summer dessert perfect for any occasion!
Make This No Bake Strawberry Pie
No Bake Blueberry Cheesecake Bars sliced on black slate.

Creamy, smooth and gorgeous! These no bake blueberry cheesecake bars hit all the notes. Additionally, you can make them with fresh or frozen blueberries.

No Bake Blueberry Cheesecake Bars Perfect Slice
4.98 from 39 ratings

No Bake Blueberry Cheesecake Bars

These No Bake Blueberry Cheesecake Bars are an easy, bright Summer dessert! Slice and serve with a little whipped cream or leave them unadorned and let the blueberry shine.
Make No Bake Cheesecake Bars Now
No Bake Golden Graham Smores Bars sliced and stacked.

Crunchy, chewy no bake s’mores bars are specifically the easiest Summer treat. These are made with Golden Grahams and have all the flavors of a campfire s’mores!

No Bake Golden Graham Smores Bars sliced stacked
5 from 7 ratings

Toasted Marshmallow Golden Graham Smores Bars

In these easy, no bake Toasted Marshmallow Golden Graham Bars crunchy golden grahams are surrounded by a toasted marshmallow and milk chocolate coating that has a subtle caramel flavor from the marshmallows. More marshmallows and milk chocolate are sprinkled on top. A quick pass under the broiler, toasts them to perfection! You will swoon with every single bite!
Make No Bake S’mores Bars
layered smores pie sliced on black plate with whole pie in background.

This no bake s’mores pie is particularly flavorful! Layers of no bake graham cracker crust, dark chocolate whiskey ganache, milk chocolate cream cheese mousse, and a mound of marshmallow fluff!

No bake whiskey smores pie with antique fork
5 from 1 ratings

No Bake Whiskey Smores Pie

This No Bake Whiskey Smores Pie is a slice of Summer Heaven! There are layers of dark chocolate whisky ganache, milk chocolate mousse and fluffy toasted marshmallow in the perfect graham cracker crust. Go ahead…help yourself to another slice.
Make This No Bake S’mores Pie

Cobblers, Crumbles & Crisps

Summer isn’t complete until I’ve scooped up a generous portion of easy apple crisp mounded with vanilla ice cream. These are my personal favorite easy Summer desserts. These are the perfect end to a casual family dinner or a big gathering of friends. Choose your favorite and get baking!

Old Fashioned Peach Cobbler sugared biscuit topping in white vintage dish.

This easy peach cobbler has an easy, drop biscuit topping that I coat with a bit of sugar for a crunchy, sweet crust that is divine!

Old Fashioned Peach Cobbler baked vintage spoon serving
5 from 82 ratings

Easy Peach Cobbler

The peaches shine in this Old Fashioned Ozark Peach Cobbler recipe. An easy sweet drop biscuit tops off all the juicy fresh peaches for the perfect summer treat.
Make This Easy Peach Cobbler
apple crisp on vintage red plate with melted vanilla ice cream.

This is my mom’s easy apple crisp recipe! It has a sweet brown sugar crisp topping and a tart apple filling. The flavors are balanced and it really is the best apple crisp you will ever have!

Brown sugar apple crisp with generous amount of streusel topping on red plate.
5 from 46 ratings

Easy Apple Crisp

This easy apple crisp recipe has a cinnamon apple filling with a crispy brown sugar oat topping. The tart filling balances the generous amount of brown sugar oat topping!
Make This Easy Apple Crisp
strawberry rhubarb crumble on white plates with gold spoons.

Sweet strawberries and tart rhubarb come together in my grandmother’s strawberry rhubarb crumble recipe. The topping is light and sweet and the filling is thick, juicy and tart. Grab that vanilla ice cream and get baking!

5 from 9 ratings

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble

This Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble highlights the tartness of rhubarb and the sweetness of strawberries with lemon juice and zest, letting the flavors of Summer shine through. Topped with a generous amount of cinnamon sugar crumble for all the streusel lovers out there!
Bake This Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble
messy plate with ice cream and blueberry cobbler.

This blueberry cobbler has a blueberry filling and a rolled shortcake topping. You can cut the topping in any shape you want for a festive Summer dessert.

Classic Blueberry Cobbler on white plate
5 from 1 ratings

Classic Blueberry Cobbler

This classic blueberry cobbler with an amazing shortcake topping is baked to jammy perfection! Sugar and lemon accentuate the fresh blueberry flavor!
Bake This Classic Blueberry Cobbler

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I hope you enjoyed this selection of professional chef tested recipe. Check out our other delicious Summer Dessert Recipes!

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